Mai 5
Sempre e acima de tudo… Excel

Sempre e acima de tudo… Excel

Mai 5
Excel files to mobileapp

Imagine transformar as suas Listagens e BD em Excel numa aplicação Mobile totalmente funcional.
A sua aplicação em Excel mantém-se inalterada e em paralelo têm um app mobile em que pode consultar e modificar os seus dados.
Mais informações durante este mês de Maio…

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Jul 21
2048… no Excel!

Depois de fazer furor nos Tablets e telemóveis o “2048” chega ao Excel.
Já seria de esperar, mas de qualquer forma parabéns ao programador (!


Jul 21
What’s new in April 2014

Últimas alterações ao Excel Online.
Espera-se mais nos próximos meses incluindo “Macros” E VBA” no Excel online…


We’ve updated Excel Online: What’s new in April 2014

A year ago we announced that Excel Online and each of the applications that make up Office Online were destined to become a comprehensive productivity experience on more browsers and devices—not just companions to the desktop applications. Since then we’ve released several major updates and many minor updates, and today I’m sharing another significant step forward! (Note that these changes will roll-out worldwide over the course of the next few days.)

As I wrote in an earlier post, we have a prioritized list of features and functionalities based on customer feedback and market research. In this post we’ll take look at some of the awesome new things you can do in Excel Online, now in both OneDrive (previously SkyDrive) and Office 365, and we’ll also take a peek at some of what’s coming in future updates.

Of course, I recommend that you try the new Excel Online to get a sense for yourself for how great it is. And, if you’re interested in trying out the features highlighted in this post, you can download a copy of the demo spreadsheet here: April 2014 Excel Online Update Demo.xlsm. Click Download on the toolbar, and then upload it to your own OneDrive to see some of the features in action. is the place to get going with Excel Online
We’ve heard for a while that it’s hard to find Excel Online (and all of Office Online). In the past, getting going meant navigating to OneDrive or Office 365, signing in, and then creating a file in the folder of your choice. Now, it’s much easier—just go to and click the type of document you want to create.

Now you can get going fast with Excel Online, right from
Authoring (inserting, editing, and deleting) comments

Users of Excel Online have been able to see comments on cells for a while, but until now there has been no way to add new comments to a cell. With this release, we’ve added the ability to insert new comments as well as edit (and even delete) existing comments. Long-time Excel users may notice that the experience has been modernized—the text of a comment now shows in a task pane that contains all of the comments for the active sheet (making it easy to jump between cells with comments by simply clicking the comment in the task pane). We did this to align with the commenting model across the rest of Office Online, and so far we’ve gotten great feedback.

Working with comments in Excel Online is now easier than ever, and is consistent with Word and PowerPoint Online.

Editing files with VBA

Ever since we released the first version of Excel Online in 2007 (called Excel Services), we’ve gotten feedback about the lack of support for Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). While we haven’t added support for running VBA, we have now added support for editing files that contain VBA without removing (or corrupting) the VBA contained in the file. That means that if you have a file that you use in Excel Online sometimes and in desktop Excel other times, you can do that, taking advantage of the VBA in the desktop, and keeping it intact when you’re using it in a web browser.

XLSM files (with Macros) can now be edited in Excel Online, without removing the VBA.
XLSM files (with Macros) can now be edited in Excel Online, without removing the VBA.
Hiding and unhiding rows and columns

Previous releases of Excel Online have correctly displayed—by not displaying—hidden rows and columns, and there have been some “hacks” to hide and unhide those cells. With this release, we’ve added support for the most common way that users hide and unhide rows and columns, using a context menu that appears when you right-click a row or column header—just like in desktop Excel.

With this release of Excel Online, you can hide and unhide rows and columns just as you do in desktop Excel.
In-app feature search: Tell me what you want to do

A few months ago, the Word Online team posted about Tell Me, a feature that allows you to ask Word how to do something, and have the relevant commands presented in a simple drop-down list so you can perform your action right away. We’ve all had that moment when we know what we want to do, but don’t quite remember how to do it, wondering, ”How do I change the font?” or “How do I find the median of a set of numbers?” Now, when you type a few characters in Tell Me, Excel Online will tell you exactly how to do what you want to do.

Tell me can quickly find any Excel command for you.
Tell me can quickly find any Excel command for you.
Customizable Status Bar Aggregates

We released an update in November that brought Status Bar Aggregates to Excel Online. We got some great feedback (users loved the convenience of the feature) and with this update we rounded out the feature in two ways: by adding several more aggregates, Min, Max, and Numerical Count; and by making the set of aggregates visible in the status bar configurable—just like in desktop Excel.

You can show the aggregates that are the most useful to you in the status bar.
Get anywhere in your spreadsheet fast with GoTo

As Excel Online becomes more and more feature-rich, the spreadsheets being created are more and more similar to spreadsheets created with desktop Excel. That means larger, more complex spreadsheets and a greater need to quickly navigate around your masterpiece. Enter GoTo (Ctrl+G), a “pro” feature that allows you to quickly type in a reference and jump to that location in the spreadsheet.

You can jump to a place in your spreadsheet fast by typing a reference in GoTo.
You can jump to a place in your spreadsheet fast by typing a reference in GoTo.
We’re still working on more of what you want

I hope you’ll agree that the improvements we’ve looked at so far are great ones for Excel Online. But we’re not done—not by a long shot. We have much more in the pipeline, and in the coming months we’ll be releasing even more of the features that you’ve come to love in desktop Excel, as well as some you may not have even realized existed! Log in and give the updated Excel Online a try. We think you’ll like it.

Remember to grab the sample workbook (Download and then save it to your OneDrive) to try out the features highlighted here. And, as always, we love to hear what you think, so let us know in the comments section, and have fun using the new release of Excel Online!”

Jul 21
Multiple users to share an Excel workbook

“How to allow multiple users to share an Excel workbook.

Although it’s possible to share an Excel workbook with multiple users and allow them to work on the file simultaneously, many users have reported problems with file corruption, overwritten data within worksheets and even worksheets that have lost all data.”

Jul 21
Geo-Flow no Excel 2013

Como usar o Geoflow no Excel 2013

“O objetivo deste artigo é mostrar um fantástico recurso do Excel 2013, chamado Geoflow. Ele tem como finalidade exibir dados na forma de gráficos plotados num mapa online. Para isto, chamei o meu irmão Paulo Haddad, especialista no Excel e autor de um livro sobre Excel avançado, para escrevermos este artigo, onde eu me encarreguei de providenciar dados oriundos de um serviço de Web API de um cliente (claro que ele autorizou), e o Paulo me orientou na construção do Geoflow.”

Dez 31
Feliz Ano de 2014

A Excel Consulting deseja-lhe um excelente ano de 2014!

Out 24
10 best new features in Excel 2013

“Almost everyone will find something to appreciate in Excel 2013. It’s more functional and easy to use. Everyone’s going to love Flash Fill. Experienced number crunchers will appreciate the new data model feature. Inexperienced users forced to get more out of the application than their experience really supports will appreciate Recommended Charts, Recommended PivotTables, and Quick Analysis. The emphasis seems to be on easy access to features that were, prior to 2013, a bit harder to implement. These are the 10 new features that I think will benefits most users.” in

Link: TechRepublic article

Out 24
Excel Consulting no Flipboard

Como o mundo cada vez mais tende a ser “mobile”, o nosso blog e notícias estão agora num Magazine do Flipboard.
Basata seguir o link e adicionar ao seu Flipboard no IOS ou Android.


Set 17
O Futuro das Excel WebApps…

Microsoft compartilhou hoje uma lista de 20 lançamentos, que planeia adicionar à sua App Web Excel.
A empresa, infelizmente, não deu prazos concretos para a implementação das mesmas, mas a sua menção indica que já estão a ser desenvolvidas.

A lista é a seguinte (em inglês; original retirado da MS):

– Adding and Editing Freeze Panes (they are already viewable)

– Adding and Editing Comments (they are already viewable)

– Android Tablet Support

– Editing Files with VBA

– Chart Editing

– Viewing, Moving, and Resizing Shapes

– Loading XLS files in O365 (already works in SkyDrive)

– Print to PDF

– WEBSERVICE Functions

– Common Keyboard Shortcuts

– Custom Sort a Range (sort on multiple columns)

– Insert an Image

– Hide/Unhide Rows & Columns

– Reorder Sheets

– Show Aggregates for the Selected Range in the Statusbar

– Rename a Spreadsheet from within Web Excel

– Drag and Drop Cells in a Sheet

– Protect Sheets from Being Edited by Others

– Insert and Modify Apps for Office

Microsoft ressalva que a lista acima não está em nenhuma ordem específica. Estes são os itens que têm a maior prioridade.
De salientar que na lista esta um item de extrema importância para quem utiliza o Excel a um nível de desenvolvimento e integração com outras aplicações; a inclusão de programação em VBA.

Set 5
Estudo Anual “Total Compensation 2013”.

Como da à vários anos para cá acontece, a Consultora Mercer HR publicou o seu estudo anual “Total Compensation 2013“.

Este ano principal destaque na descida dos salários pelo segundo ano consecutivo.

“Devido ao efeito de substituição de colaboradores contratados com níveis salariais mais baixos para as mesmas funções, verifica-se, pelo segundo ano consecutivo, uma redução real dos salários em todos os grupos funcionais”

Este estudo teve mais uma vez o Design e Paginação feito pela Prime DM, atelier de onde surgiu a Excel Consulting.

Notícia no Publico <LINK>

Mercer HR <LINK>

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