Google Docs Cloud Storage.

O site revelou-nos que a Google vai oferecer-nos espaço online para armazenamento dos nosso ficheiros OFFICE.
Toda a notícia (e link) estão apresentados abaixo.


Google Docs Adds Cloud Storage For Any File

Forgot that file on your work computer again? Leave an Excel spreadsheet you need for a presentation on your home laptop? Google on Tuesday introduced a service that will let you upload any type of file to Google Docs and access it from the cloud.Google Apps users will soon be able to upload any file up to 250MB. The service will provide up to 1GB of free storage, with any additional files costing $0.25 per GB per year. Google will start rolling out the service in the coming weeks.”Now accessing your work files doesn’t require a connection to your internal office network,” Anil Sabharwal with the Google Docs team, wrote in a blog post. “Nor do you need to e-mail files to yourself, carry around a thumbdrive, or use a company network drive – you can access your files using Google Docs from any web-enabled computer.”

Combined with the shared folders option on Google Docs, users can upload files and give permission for friends or co-workers to edit those documents.

“For example, if you are in a club or PTA working on large graphic files for posters or a newsletter, you can upload them to a shared folder for collaborators to view, download, and print,” Vijay Bangaru, product manager for Google Docs, wrote in a separate blog post.

Uploaded documents can be searched, and many common document files types can be viewed via Google Docs viewer.

Those with Google Apps Premier Edition can use the Google Documents List Data API to upload files in batch or purchase third-party apps that allow for migration and synching to Google Docs.

Those apps include: Memeo Connect for Google Apps, a desktop app for PCs and Macs; Syncplicity, which offers businesses automated back-up and file management with Google Docs for the PC; and Manymoon, an online project management platform that makes it simple to organize and share tasks and documents with coworkers and partners, including uploading files to Google Docs.

In the next few months, Google Apps Premier Edition customers will be able to buy additional storage for $3.50 per GB per year. Users can fill out an online form to be notified when this feature is available.

Rumors of a fabled Google GDrive have been floating around the Web since 2006, with the news cropping up again early last year. While this latest offering does not come with the GDrive moniker, it sounds very similar to a GDrive abstract published about a year ago: “GDrive provides reliable storage for all of your files, including photos, music and documents [accessible] anywhere, anytime, and from any device – be it from your desktop, web browser or cellular phone.”

A Microsoft spokeswoman was quick to note that the company has been offering 25GB of cloud-based storage space for free via Windows Live SkyDrive since 2008. The company also promised more efficient collaboration with its forthcoming suite of Office Web apps hosted on SkyDrive, a feature that is currently in a limited beta.

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